Runescape is a famous Game all over World,Many children likes it very much! Some people play it for entertainment,But Some people's Work
is playing game!The second kind ,they make money through selling runescape gold,servering powerleveling service,hacking acounts to get
more money! Now the time, according to the official survey that many
children take almost 5 hours on runescape gold to make runescape money, level up! Thus ,most of them have little commutication with parents,friends,even the is usual phenomenon around us!
We shall help our children out from the net virtual world!

But The problem is that what should we do? and how to do?
in my opinion wo should always have a travel with our children
,let him know and see more about the outside world themselves,not through the internet!

second ,we should help our child to make more friend!runescape gold

runescape goldRunescape money

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